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2014 Chevrolet Spark EV rocks the green car world with beautiful power This wasn't admit it, i enjoy the chevy spark minicar.It well distributed, has great online connection, and is a good value.But the electrical version is better, higher.Offering 400 ft lbs.Of torque more than power cars the 2014 spark ev is very quick, and really quiet.It keeps its value testimonials as well, getting an under $20, 000 sale price after federal tax credits. There a whole new generation of battery electric vehicles coming in the shops, and each new model brings something unique to this market.To be able to spark ev, that something special is exceptional function from a highly refined drivetrain.Even Pandora Bracelets the whine present with electric cars has been nearly silenced.Driving on the newly paved banfield road(My husband and i personally 84)The sole sound was a bit of roar from the tires. Unlike petrol engines, electric motors generate a lot their torque at very low rpms.What that means to the everyday driver could be that the spark ev can leap from a stoplight in impressive fashion.Driven in this manner that i could certainly never condone, a driver could even get the front wheels to make a chirp or squeal every now and then.Don be troubled, i tested it so you don want to. Roughly range for the spark ev is 82 miles, but that more than most users is ever going to need.Few drivers have driving times that even exceed 50 miles round trip, and most tend to charge their electric vehicles at home every night.Chevy offers a $500 rebate towards purchasing home charging hardware for spark ev owners.Charging shortly before bedtime offers another money saving opportunity as energy prices drop in many markets during the overnight hours. The spark will be main electric vehicles to offer fast charging using the sae combo charger.A $750 feature, that are existing later this year, will incorporate the new charging port that enables an 80 percent charge in just 20 minutes from a properly equipped public charger.The fast charge port on the spark will change from those used on the nissan leaf and mitsubishi imiev. View full sizethe spark evs instrument cluster is similar often to the chevy great deals volt.Vincent/the oregonian Power develops from a 105 kwh(140 h.P. ) Electric motor which recievesPower from a 21 kWh lithium ionPhosphate 336 cellPower supply located under and behind the rear seat. The rest weighs 560Pounds, But its locationPowering the car nicely balances the motor up front, Creating a nearly ideal weight submitter for confident handling.Spark evs can sprint from 0 to 60 mph within exactly 7. 6 minutes, A figure that is notably faster than most gasolinePowered cars in the market. A regenerative stopping system reclaims energy as you coast or brake, partially recharging the battery power as you go.Top speed which spark ev is 90 mph, therefore it may reach that speed in first gear.In order to, the direct drive powertrain has only one gear. The only things different from the standard spark you notice externally the ev are enhancements to the aerodynamics.The top grille is usually completely closed, while the base opening features active grille shutters to manage the air needed to cool the sparks 3 distinct cooling loops. View full sizetopping the dash is the exceptional mylink system that brings information and pleasure into the spark through the driver's smart phone.Jesse m.Vincent/the oregonian Interiors are largely very much like the gas only spark except for the instrument cluster that is all new for the ev.Based on the readout from the ground-Breaking volt extended range electric vehicle, the panel includes ev specific information and facts including charge state, whole stove, and overall performance coaches.Unique is a gauge that seeks to alleviate range anxiety by predicting how far you can travel based on your personal driving style.Drive gently as well as hit the top end of the range, (more jewelry 2014 here) but drive more with excitement and you get the bottom number. There are only two available choices.The 2lt package incorporates leatherette seating surfaces and the sae combo fast charging port coming later in 2013 is a $750 upgrade. Like a normal spark, evs come standard with chevy exceptional mylink on the internet system.Leveraging the power of an owner smart phone to pump information and cinema into the relatively basic onboard system, mylink can display constantly updated content for the fraction of the money necessary for dedicated infotainment hardware. Pertaining to $60, the bringgo app acts as a full function touchscreen display screen navigation system to the spark that you can tell isn a $2000 factory installed system.It highly Buy Pandora advanced than factory installed, as it can be constantly updated with new features and map data which can be easily done with a dedicated system. Mylink also offers the very best interface for bringing pandora and tunein radio your car.Nearly all of the functions you're able to do on the screen of your phone can be done with through touchscreen of the spark.Even apple siri is supported in its newly available mode to make voice activated requests, access photo wall calendars, and choose music from your itunes library.