Pandora USA ds has aSpergers(Sp)Trouble

Dreams for dd changed forever archive Dreams for dd changed forever archive Don't inside hope.So much can be accomplished.Dds went to a Pandora Charms school where they integrated kids with handicaps with others(A whole lot of deaf kids and kids with autism).There were many highly effective autistic children who went on to live normal lives. One of my good friends Pandora USA ds has aSpergers(Sp)Trouble.The amount of autism that bill gates has.It has been a struggle for them but he is now a sophomore in high school and is doing more effective.He is especially intelligent able to do algebra in 2nd grade, 5th grade+ reading through through level in kindergarten, etcetera.Alternatively, he has had to have trouible with many deficits.There is a national program much more like this.He is part of that and gets some type of assist with help with his education.I will try to find out the program and pm you. At the same time, i am wishing you the greatest and will keep you in my prayers. 03 28 2008, 09:18 here's I am sorry that your dd is having such trouble but want to offer you hope if she is in fact autistic.Help is out there for autism.We are aware, basically my niece is autistic, and today at 13 years old is (more jewelry 2014 here) are very popular.She now attends fantastic school that is devoted to special needs children and young adults.There are several forms of autism and many advances in tx it. Although she should never be quite like other children, we believe that she is able to grow up functional enough to be a contributing member of society.This is something which could not be accomplished in the regular public schools. Check close to you for any special needs schools or programs that deal with autism.Her doctor justmight guide you.Start great deals checking around now as the sooner she gets into a program, the higher.If desire to pm me to talk, please.I am happy to share information i may have which may help you.